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Our Mission:

To deliver value to our clients. 

Our Vision: 

Create an organization of skilled professionals that know how to use technology, proven processes, and positive personal collaboration to deliver value to our customers and feel that their efforts are valued appropriately. We want our team to know their “why”.

Our Name: 

We believe that productivity is more valuable to our customers than raw man-hours or the total number of full-time equivalents on a contract. Our company name reflects our desire to provide clients that valuable productivity with solutions that serve as the catalyst to achieving their goals. Whether our clients are starting a program from scratch or trying to improve an existing program, we can offer them the people, processes, and technology to achieve lasting success.

Our Team: 

Catalyst Solutions, LLC was founded by career acquisitions professionals who wanted to provide a small-business source of high-caliber, multi-disciplinary management, and technical support for government clients. The company’s multi-disciplinary team includes seasoned and certified government acquisitions professionals experienced in contracting, program management, logistics support, systems engineering, test and evaluation, and fielding. Along the way, we also developed a team of experienced communications and marketing experts. We can help clients develop and execute a communications strategy through all media, including video, graphic art, speech writing, social media content, journalism, and events.

Our Values


We do what we promise.   That is our first obligation


Effective collaboration can only happen in an atmosphere of mutual respect.


Nothing gets done well when people don’t communicate clearly. We have to understand our clients’ expectations and ensure they know we understand them.


No one is working on an island. True collaboration to ensure a wholistic solution isn’t always easy. It requires real commitment.


John Calvert, Partner

Laura Calvert, Partner

Pierre Hollis, Partner


The corporate culture at Catalyst Solutions is based on one thing: the belief that our most valued asset is our consultants. That belief derives from the very reason the partners started the company; they were driven by a desire to provide the kind of high-quality consultants they enjoyed working with when they were government program managers.

We seek and encourage consultants who are good at what they do, who understand the need to contribute value to the team, and who will challenge themselves to provide the best customer-service possible.

Each Catalyst Solutions team member understands that he or she plays an important role in our success. Our leadership goes to great lengths to ensure that not only are the clients’ needs front and center in everyone’s attention but that we also recognize the hard work our team members do to successfully meet those needs.

Individual commitment to a group effort- that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

— Vince Lombardi

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