Communications & Marketing

“Master the topic, the message, and the delivery”

— Steve Jobs

Case Study: Campaign Plan Development


We will provide you an audience-focused planning process – one that integrates all parts of a marketing campaign to ensure creative messaging cohesiveness. Our process helps ensure that we will ask you the right questions, get the right direction, make efficient decisions, and provide you with campaign that delivers what you need.

Branding & Messaging

We know how to help our clients establish their voice, vision, values, and key messages by identifying goals and objectives derived from research or focus groups. We also develop brand images and provide instruction on how and when to use them. 

Internal Communications

Catalyst understands the unique challenges of maintaining message alignment within large organizations. We have experience helping leaders develop stakeholder messaging, organize internal events, write speeches, publish newsletters, and create new workspace designs. 

Graphic Design, Video & Animation

We can provide you expert skillsetin graphic design and video creationVideos are the most engaging of all types of media and can be an incredibly effective, but not all video is created equal. The same is true of graphic design. Let Catalyst help you navigate the modern digital landscape.


We know how to give you the turn-key event solutions you need. Our event team will choose the best venue for your needs and take care of event promotion, ticketing services, printed materials, finding guest speakers, clean up, and more. 

Let’s find a solution for you!