Sports Medicine

The U.S. Marine Corps Training and Education Command (TECOM) has employed civilian Certified Athletic Trainers as part of the Sports Medicine Injury Program (SMIP) since 2003 to reduce injuries and lost workdays associated with musculoskeletal injuries.”

— Marine Corps Training and Education Command

Injury Prevention

Our use of evidence-based methods reduces injury and improves performance outcomes.

Injury Evaluation and Treatment

When a musculoskeletal injury (MSKI) occurs in a field exercise, we perform an evaluation in the field environment – likely eliminating the need to transport the injured Marine back to a clinic. We provide effective treatment that is designed to accelerate full recovery and return to play/participation (RTP) i.e., return to full duty.

Injury Mitigation and Rehabilitation

We provide strength and conditioning specialists (SCS) who are are familiar with the performance domain and professional language of Marines as tactical athletes.

Performance Assessments and Program Design

During the Assessment Process, we maximize unit leadership input, awareness, and buy-in. This improves unit-wide participation when the program is implemented. We develop and incorporate performance measures to track and validate PT Plan progress for achieving goals. This equips organizational leaders with indisputable evidence of progress and completion.

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